Spring & Fall Clean-ups

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Our deluxe clean-up consists of not only  landscape debris
removal, but also a preparation of your garden beds for the
season ahead.  

** Weeds are removed as the soil is cultivated.  By turning over the soil  by
hand with a spade shovel, the drainage is improved for your plant's benefit.
** Beds are then graded and re-defined with a clean cut spade cut edge or
edged by a variety of stone products.
** Existing landscape plantings are trimmed or pruned as needed.
** Pre-emergent weed killer with fertilizer is spread in your planting beds to
deter weeds and benefit your existing plants.
** A 2"-3" layer of Premium Hardwood Mulch is spread in the landscape
beds.  Mulch helps keep weeds down as well as assisting to keep moisture
in the ground around your plants roots.
** Landscape debris is hauled away to a compost recycling center on the
day the clean up work is performed.
**Each clean up project is tailored to your properties specific needs.
Email:  sngdesigninc@yahoo.com
630-557-2770  Call for a Free Estimate