Concrete Retaining Wallstone &
Natural Wallstone

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Garden walls are custom built and are used to hold
back soil or gravel.  Seatwalls are free standing walls
Retaining wall stone is used to hold gravel under a
Retaining wall stone is often used as the "kick plate"
of a paver set of steps.   It can also be used in
constructing Firepits, Grill Surrounds, Planters and

There are many factors that contribute to the way
wallstone features are constructed.  Borders are set
in soil and retaining walls are built on a Grade 8
gravel compacted base.  Drainage & screening needs
are all evaluated & specified during the estimating
process.  Walls may be dry stacked, glued or
mortared between the layers of stone.  

Retaining wall building specifications change
according to the intended purpose of the wall and the
type of stone used.
Natural Stone:  Natural Stone
walls can be built in the same
fashion as man made concrete wall
Walls may be dry stacked with
quarry cut 6"-8" wide pieces of
stone varying from 2"-6" thick.

Outcropping stone are large pieces
2'-3' wide, 2'-3' long or more and
3"-12" thick and are commonly
used in ponds, as accents in
garden beds and used to help
retain soil on slopes.

Prices, colors and uniformity
depend on the exact stone choice
used.  We urge our clients
interested in Natural Stone to visit
one of our local suppliers.