Brick Paving & Natural Stone

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Brick Paving:  All brick pavers are installed as per
manufacturer's specifications as well as in ordinance
with state  & local building codes.  Here's an
overview of the process we will be going through
during your paving project installation.  Included are
our standard installation specifications.

The day your project's excavation begins, John spray
paints out the exact shape and size onto the actual location
of the project for your final approval.

Plywood sheets are placed over existing lawn, as needed,
to protect it's integrity during the excavation and base
building process.

After determining the elevation and drainage
considerations, excavation begins.

Approximately, 10" of soil will be removed to compensate
for the 6"  of clean 3/4" limestone gravel base.  The gravel
is spread and graded prior to being machine compacted.  
1" of 3/8" limestone chips are then spread uniformly over
the compacted base gravel.  The brick pavers are the laid in
a specified pattern.  Bricks are laid out approximately 6"
wider than the final size of the project.  The edges are then
marked & cut prior to the installation of the soldier
course(outside border bricks).  A high grade plastic edging
is installed using 12" metal spikes to secure the outer
perimeter of the project.  The edging is backfilled with soil
and seeded unless otherwise specified.

Polymeric sand is swept into the joints between the bricks.  
The surface is swept and blown clean to eliminate any
remaining sand.
Natural Stone:  Natural Stone
can be installed as a patio or
walkway using a 1"-3" thick
stone that varies in size
depending on the type of
material used.  Steppers or
larger Flagstone pieces are hand
assembled in a mosaic pattern
on top of our Grade 8 limestone
base.  Limestone
screenings(fines) are used in
place of bedding & jointing
sand.  Prices, colors and
uniformity depend on the exact
stone choice used.  We urge our
clients interested in Natural
Stone to visit one of our local
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